Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy sets out the principles of processing and protecting personal data provided by users (the “User”) in connection with their use of the website available at the web domain


The personal data controller is Hinter Sp. z o.o. with its registered office at the address: ul. Mościckiego 1, 24-110 Puławy, Poland entered in the Register of Business Entities of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for the City of Lublin in Lublin, 6 th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under number KRS 0000812678, NIP (taxpayer ID number): 716-282-78-16, REGON (business statistical number): 384805111, share capital: PLN 10 000 (the “Data Controller”), email:


1. The Users’ personal data is processed by the Data Controller with the application of appropriate security measures meeting the requirements set out in Polish law, and in particular in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 and the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration regarding the documentation of personal data processing and the technical conditions to be met by IT devices and systems used to process personal data, of 29 April 2004.
2. The Users’ personal data is stored in a database in which technical and organizational measures have been applied, ensuring the protection of processed data in compliance with the above-mentioned laws and regulations.
3. Only the Data Controller and persons expressly authorized by it have access to the database.


1. The Data Controller processes the Users’ personal data only to the extent it is necessary to establish and define the content of the services rendered by the Data Controller, terminate their provision, and correctly carry them out.
2. Subject to the User’s specific and separate consent, the User’s data may also be used by the Data Controller for marketing purposes.
3. The scope of personal data processing may include:
a) the User’s email address.
4. The Data Controller may also process the Users’ other personal data, provided it needs this data due to the nature of the service rendered by it or for other legitimate purposes. The Data Controller marks this data appropriately.


1. The personal data of the Users of the Data Controller’s website needs to be processed in order for the Data Controller to correctly render its services.
2. The personal data is processed on the basis of the User’s consent or without such consent, where the Data Controller is authorized by law to process the User’s personal data without the User’s consent. The User may at any time revoke the consent to process his or her data.
Personal data is provided voluntarily and will be used by the Data Controller only in accordance with the User’s wishes.


1. Each User has the right to access his or her personal data and the right to correct or update it. Questions or requests in this respect should be sent to the Data Controller’s email address:, or by post to its postal address.
2. The User has the right to remove his or her personal data from the Data Controller’s file at any time. Data may also be removed in the cases specified in the relevant laws.


The Users’ personal data may be provided or made available to other entities cooperating with the Data Controller in the following cases:
a) in connection with the provision of services by the Data Controller;
b) if the User’s consent has been obtained to make his or her data available to third parties;
c) if required by the relevant laws.


The Data Controller registered the personal data file with the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO).


1. The Data Controller uses cookies, which are recorded by its server on the hard disks of the Users’ terminal equipment when the Users are using the website pages. Cookies are used to enable the correct operation of the website on the Users’ terminal equipment. Cookies do not destroy the Users’ terminal equipment and do not result in changes to the configuration of this equipment or of the software installed on it. The purpose of using cookies is not to identify the Users.
2. The Data Controller uses cookies in order to:
a) remember information on the terminal equipment of the Clients or Activity Providers;
b) verify and develop its offer;
c) collect statistical data.
3. Each User may switch off cookies in the search engine of his or her terminal equipment. The Data Controller notes, however, that switching off cookies may impair or prevent the use of the website.


To improve customer experience on our website, we use the below solutions:
a) Google Analytics
b) Google Optimize
c) Hotjar
d) Hubspot


The information that, under the general rules of internet communications, is contained in system logs (e.g. the IP address) is used by the Data Controller for technical purposes relating to server administration. Additionally, IP addresses are used to collect general statistics (e.g. about the region from which the communication originates). The Data Controller does not link such information with the User’s personal data and does not use it to identify the User.


1. The Data Controller applies the most secure measures that are available at present to protect the provision of personal data.
2. The transmission protocol ensuring the security of the transfer of data via the internet is the SSL (Secure Socket Layer v3) protocol.