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Podhash can be used in many ways. In the next section, you will see the most common uses and the problems our clients face.


Looking for a podcaster? It has never been so easy. Use our advanced filters to find and contact podcasts tailored to your campaign needs.

Looking for a podcast featuring experts? Just click and use our "Open for marketing" filter.

Stop wasting countless hours doing manual research.


Monitoring companies

Podcasts are a rich source of information. By monitoring podcasts, you can gain valuable insights about your clients' activities and interests.

Enrich your app with insights from one of the fastest-growing media formats.

Use our API to access podcast transcriptions, specify keywords, and retrieve data for your customers.


Data companies

Explore podcasts and look for market insights.

Podcasts are created by professional creators, and the thematic scope of their content is vast, with over 100 categories available on Podhash. From cricket to fashion, crime, business, and investment, you'll find a wealth of interesting information in them.


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With 3+ years of experience in the podcast industry, we're passionate about leveraging cutting-edge tech to help podcasters, marketers, and data companies navigate the ever-evolving world of podcasts.

Our goal is to play a key role in shaping the future of this exciting medium.

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